Our Team

We are dedicated to the pursuit of architectural excellence through the artistry of the creative process and the mutual respect for the environment in which we build. Since our inception in 2009, we have gained extensive experience in designing and building. With each and every project our designs are being realized through extensive technical expertise and knowledge through paying great attention to detail. Our main focus range from small renovations and extensions, interiors to high end new homes and retreats working with passionate clients, but we have also provided the same level of service to hotels, senior homes, and sports complexes as well.

Chris MT Chung

Principal Architect AIBC


Jan Nguyen

Technical Director/Team Lead


Our Philosophy

CMTC Architect Inc. bring a unique and innovative approach in establishing rootedness. We apply all of the majestic and grandeur of capital “A” Architecture once reserved for the sacred and the divine to the world of the living. To us capital “A” Architecture is the creation of space for social interaction, and we apply this very principal to every space we design. From single family additions to community centres, we implement this ideology through every phase of every project. CMTC Architect Inc. regard the built environment not as an artificial endeavour, but rather, as a natural extension of our ecological connectivity. We understand not only our place within the human realm, but also our role within the natural process of all things living.
We are living in a time of transition, where a sense of place and belonging no longer seem to be of great significance or important to the masses. Thus leading to the diffusion of personal and cultural identities as the sense of local communities begins to amalgamate within the urban fabric. As more and more families are migrating away from the central core to the surround suburbs due to the affordability of housing, it is imperative that we evaluate this trend and comprehend its impact on our own community and subsequently our identity and culture.
Despite the fact that we all live similar lives having common objectives, just how we live is a reflection of who we are and where it is that we come from. CMTC Architect Inc. understands that each individual, each family, each household, each generation, as well as each ethnic group live very differently. It is this understanding that we dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of creating thoughtful spaces for rootedness. Planting the seeds for a richer sense of community based on the ideology of place and home. Our belief is that the home is a reflection of the self- a personal and intimate expression of our own identity. We truly believe that every home should be veered as a sacred sanctuary – a place to root oneself firmly within the context of the natural and urban fabric, irrespective of location. It is through this rootedness that individuals come together to create thriving communities and where culture will flourishes.