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3 Tips for Remodeling Your Bedroom

We all spend a quarter of our lives sleeping so its very important to have a bedroom that is conducive to making you feel happy and calm. This is a great reason to remodel your bedroom. Whether you are naturally tired of your color schemes or your bedroom is starting to offer an outdated look or feel, you might need to freshen things up with some new paints or do a complete remodeling CMTC Architect can provide you everything you need to inspire your bedroom and make your dreams come to life.

Before you start thinking about specific changes to your bedroom there are 3 preliminary questions you must ask yourself

  • What do I need? – Examine your room carefully ask yourself the changes you feel are necessary. Is the room too dark? too small? etc.
  • What’s my style? – Rather than a dark room, would you like it bright and airy or vice versa? Ensure you pick your perfect style and stick to the plan
  • For what use? – Other than sleeping, are there other things you utilize your bed for? Is it also your office? Relaxation spot? Then you should also consider these factors.

3 Ideas for Remodeling your Bedroom

  • Have walls that soothe the soul

Adding color to a room through painting is the best way to change the view, look and character of a room, but your choice of color goes a very long way to ensuring that your room gets the natural feel that it deserves. Try to keep it all-natural as much as possible. Painting your room white creates a sense of cleanliness and freshness to your space while an intense colour like red stirs up excitement and may not be the best for helping you fall asleep. For modern interest, try to go all white or add some touch of other neutral colors. Colors like Navy blue and deep green to bring a sense of cozy and warmth to your bedroom. While you can choose to go all-white, saturated dark colors are also perfect for rooms with natural light

  • Organize and stick to your style

A good portion of remodeling actually has to do with getting rid of unnecessary pieces of stuff and bringing in new ideas and inspiration. Get rid of stuff cluttering up your space and bring in new styles that can fit perfectly into your room. By organizing and removing unnecessary clutter you may also find your room is much bigger than expected which can may give you even more ideas for the remodel.

  • The Perfect warmth for the Perfect Remodelled Bedroom

Grant your bedroom access to a lively and brightened Pantone color. While, the living coral combined with other colors such as pink and white is one you wouldn’t be able to resist. But maybe coral isn’t your thing – then check out other energetic colors such as orange and yellow. This combination of colors brings perfect warmth to your remodeled bedroom.

The Best for you..

Remodeling your bathroom is a perfect decision that combines your style with warmth, radiance, comfort and freshness. Are you set to add a charming touch to your bedroom? CMTC Architect will have you always be missing home.