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Things to Consider When Renovating

Homeowners renovate their house for myriad reasons. Most people want more curb appeal, better comfort, improved aesthetics, and enhanced functionality. The perfect home renovation has to come from a homeowners’ heart, especially if it is a ‘Do-it-Yourself’ project. That being said, most homeowners engage a professional interior designer or architect for such projects. Still, there are things to consider when renovating because its your involvement that makes it your home.

The key to home remodeling is to know what you want precisely. Let us delve into the things to consider when renovating and help you achieve the cozy house vibes that you deserve.

Divide and Conquer

Renovation can be quite complex! Don’t worry if things get a little out of your hand since these projects often involve multiple facets that have to be addressed simultaneously. The solution? Divide and conquer. Segregate the various aspects of your home renovation project into smaller tasks. For example, kitchen elements can be split into plumbing, cooking equipment, flooring and countertops, and drawers.


Setting a budget is the most crucial component of any home renovation project. You have to decide the amount of money well before embarking on the project. Also, the flexibility in the expenditure limit must also be set beforehand and must never be crossed. Remember, you wouldn’t want to leave the project halfway due to a lack of funds. Research the prices of various elements on different portals and use discounts wherever available.

Doors are the Portals to your Abode

The entry points into your home must be welcoming. Doors that exude warmth bring positivity to your house. Ensure that doors are to optimize wind and light flow. Darker doors must be installed for light-colored rooms and vice versa. Rooms with no windows must have glass doors to bring light inside.

Understand the Paint and Light Equation

Light dances with the right paint. Yes, the color of a room can have a significant impact on the light, which in turn can affect the mood. Choose environmentally friendly paints that are gentle on health. The color palette must be coordinated to achieve coherence among the various elements of the house. Greys and darks can have a depressing effect on the occupants. Conversely, bright shades can also trigger shocking reactions.

Smartly Expand Space in Small Rooms

The rooms in your home may be small, but they won’t have to look small. Smart light-play and organization can create a sense of more space even in the smallest of rooms. Mirrors are a great way to bring length into a room. Horizontal rugs, too, have a similar effect. Large floor tiles can be used to bring about symmetry in the room.

Kitchens and Storage

Kitchens are all about warmth and relaxation. Yet, organization and storage are critical to successful kitchen design. Smart space-savvy drawers must be installed to ensure the available space is fully utilized. De-clutter the space with hidden cabinets. Sinks and countertops should be functional and not mere aesthetics-oriented. If you are on a budget, check out recycled materials and equipment.

Floor Renovation

There’s more to flooring than just tiles, wood, or concrete. Besides the material, a floor must be supportive and in sync with the overall design of the room. Don’t go overboard with expensive flooring options. Wooden flooring must be chosen for colder climes. Marble floors must be avoided if you have toddlers.

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